Why choose AG Kreative?
The answer is simple
We are Kreative
We are innovators and designers first. We pride ourselves in our ability to not only keep your brand on-trend, but design and package it in a way that keeps you at the forefront of your industry-giving you an edge on your competition.
We are not just people behind a computer screen. Our relationship oriented and hands on approach sets us apart from other agencies. We only work with clients that we believe in and know we can help. The motto at AG Kreative is “when you succeed, we succeed” and our work shows this to be true.
We are knowledgable
Our Team has over 10 years of design and development experience. AG Kreative clients have businesses and brands that span across every industry. Working closely with our clients and being involved in a variety of industries has allowed us to gain unparalleled knowledge and experience.
We care
We are selective regarding the clients we take on because what we do isn’t just “work” for us. At AG Kreative, we are creators with a passion. We “create” for businesses we believe in and for brands we feel passionate about. We know what it is like to build your own business and brand, it becomes your baby. We want you to know that we care about your success and business just as much as you do.
Areas of expertise
the backbone of our business
Our philosophy as a creative agency in South Florida has always grounded itself in creating lasting relationships with clients. No matter the size of your project, we always emphasize meeting for an initial consultation. This first strategy session helps our team understand your unique vision, goals, and style. It allows us to create a plan that fits your budget, matches your overall brand aesthetic and benefits your business. Armed with passion and a plan, we employ innovative marketing strategies and ahead-of-the-curve creative solutions to ensure your business reaches its full potential in terms of sales success, brand recognition, and reputation.
simple steps . quick results
We Plan & Sketch .
We Design & Develop .
We Test & Deliver .


logo design and mission statement. Brand reputation and brand awareness, cohesive branding,
We carry a variety of social media management packages. We are able to post, engage and grow involvement on all social platforms for your business and brand. If your business or brand currently does not have any presence on social media we are able to build and customize accounts for all platforms. We offer online and in person “classes” for clients that want to learn more about various social media platforms and  teach our clients how to utilize Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, Pinterest and Twitter properly.
Content Creation
photographs, captions and articles. We are able to create and promote content with your brand’s voice. The content we design can be utilized on all social media platforms, websites and blogs.
Organize and curate photoshoots for your business or brand that can be used on your website and as content on your social media accounts.
Website design and development
We can design and create custom sites-ranging from landing pages to ecommerce sites. Our team prides themselves on complex media sites that maintain a beautiful and effective aesthetic.
Shoot, edit and create everything from product videos to commercials.